Welcome to SALT!  You might be wondering why we chose the name.  Many people have asked and we love answering.  So, why Salt?  

What one thing embodies everything we love about cycling?  When we get on the bike we experience a mind body transformation.  As sweat pours down our face, and sometimes tears, we focus on the push and pull of the pedal, riding the beat like a wave, transcending time and space.  We feel powerful and we feel vulnerable all at the same time.  In the end we feel pure.  Salt is essential to life and a symbol of purification.  It's in your sweat, your tears, and the waves we ride.  It cleanses and it hurts.  Salt is everything.  

As new moms we realized the importance of finding our strength again.  As beautiful as motherhood is, it can also be a real struggle.  And through that struggle we are able to find our strength.  Cycling is no different.  There is something beautiful that happens when you push yourself to the extent of your perceived limits.   The bike was one place where we felt empowered.  A place where we got to test that strength.

 We set out to create a space where the most positive, hardworking, and motivating people could connect with one another and sweat, smile, and inspire.  We believe that positive energy is contagious and we aim to set up a place where people can tap into that energy.  A mind and body space where you tune out the chaos and tune into your soul.  Your journey is just beginning.  We hope you have an amazing ride.