It's completely normal to be nervous about your first ride.  We hope that these tips help ease some of those fears.  The cycling community is one of the most welcoming, encouraging, energizing group of athletes around.  Here at SALT we love when new faces join our squad of passionate and positive people.  Remember that everyone, even the most experienced rider had their first class too and most importantly remember that....





To ensure you have the best ride, please arrive 15 minutes before class so one of our team members can help you set up your bike.  This low impact workout is great for everybody, but proper bike set up is essential for a safe ride.  Feel free to pick a bike in the back of the class so that you may observe the intermediate riders and get inspired by their energy.  


  Make sure you eat and drink before your ride, and drink plenty of water during class.  We recommend you bring two bottles of water in order to stay hydrated during class.  We also sell water for your convenience.


Wear light weight clothing and bring a towel because we plan on sweating.... A LOT!!! 


Listen to your body, set goals, and move at your own pace.  Remember that you are in control of your journey.  If you ever feel that you have reached your limit and reducing tension and speed is not the solution, please let your instructor know.  Taking a beginner class or an open ride is a great way to learn bike set up, proper form, and ease into your ride.  Check our schedule for class times. Beginner classes are offered to help you learn proper bike set up, form, and get comfortable riding.  Each class is 60 minutes long and includes 20 minutes on bike set up and form - a 20 minute low intensity Spin ride that will help you get comfortable being on the bike - and 20 minute cool down and stretch.  Check the schedule for class times.