At Salt Cycle Studio, we have a ride for everybody!  We offer classes for the avid outdoor cyclist looking to clock miles and perfect technique, combination classes that focus on improving performance and reaching new highs, and fun rides that feel more like a party and leave you pumped with endorphins.  ALL OF OUR CLASSES ARE SUITABLE FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL.  The SALT Squad is here to help you with bike set up and educate you on proper form and technique.  We provide the ride, but you are in complete control of your intensity.  We have a variety of class formats taught by instructors with their own unique style.  For that reason we recommend trying 3 classes with 3 different instructors.  Check out the class descriptions below for more information.  You are just a click away from the ride of your life!



These rides are perfect for beginners or advanced riders as they mimic the outdoor road and help to improve endurance and performance.  Our instructors will help you focus on proper technique and form as you climb challenging hills or cruise down back roads.  We also offer open ride times which are a perfect way for cyclists looking to ride at their own pace to their own playlist.  Your ride is just a click away.


SALT 30/30

SALT 30/30 SCULPT: Turn up the heat in one of our combination classes.  These rides combine 30 minutes of high intensity saddle work with 30 minutes of training off the bike.  You will love this total body conditioning workout that will leave your muscles burning and begging for more.  All of our rides are customizable to your fitness level, however our SALT 30/30 rides offer more opportunity to turn up the heat!  If you are ready to turn it up, click the link below and get ready to feel the burn.

SALT 30/30 STRETCH:  These workouts leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.  Spend 30 minutes in the saddle doing a controlled, low impact Spin ride.  Finish your journey with 30 minutes of yoga off the bike geared to stretch all those muscles you just worked.  This class is great for beginners and advanced riders!

SALT 30/15 CORE:  Start your workout with 15 minutes of core strengthening exercises and finish with 30 minutes of high intensity riding.   All our rides are customizable to your fitness level. 



Take your ride to a new level of fun!  These high energy, fun filled, rhythm inspired rides are great for any rider looking for that riders high.  If you are inspired by the beat you will love the rush you get from this ride.  These 60 minute rides will leave you dripping with sweat.  If you are feeling SALTY, click the link below to find your ride.


We recommend committing to three classes with different instructors so that you can get a feel for multiple class styles. 

We offer a variety of options for payment to meet your lifestyle and fitness needs.

SINGLE SWEAT - $12 per class

"OK! You convinced me!  I'll give it a try"

TRIPLE THREAT - 3 classes for $33

"I think I like it!"

BIG TIMER - 10 classes for $100

"I'm ready for more!"


Unlimited classes for $65 a month

"I'm hooked!"


Customizable gift card for your desired amount

"I'm loved."

Ask us about special group rates or planning your next party at SALT!

Plan your next team builder, moms night out, staff gathering, you name it, with us!  We will work with you to pick a day, time and instructor that will meet your needs.  A minimum of 10 riders is required to host a PARTY!